Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Its really been a long time since I have blogged. We have been really busy since July. Lets see, my aunt and her family came to town, I turned 30, Shawn's parents came to town, CampMeeting, Dawn and Richie came to town, Cheer camp for a week for Faith, back to school to do list, and then the day before school started, my father passed away. So off to Florida we went, for almost a week. ( I will blog more on my dad latter). On the way to Florida, we stopped in Southeaven which is a suburb of Memphis, and so happens to be where are best buds Dawn and Richie live. Anyways we stopped to get a drink, then all the sudden the car started to have problems...long story short, our transmission went out and we had to stay the night with our friends. 24 hours latter and 3 grand (yes 3 thousand dollars) at the dealership, we were back on the way to Florida! Then they day we came home, Shawn's grandparents and Aunt and Uncle came to town. I think in a matter of 4 months, we have seen almost all of our family! Including are extended Rhema Family...yeah!

With all that going on, blogging has been out of the question!

But I am back, only kinda though. I have so much to catch up on that, I do not have a lot of time at the computer. And with the girls being in school, my life is on a time clock.

But with all that said, this Monday was the girls first day of school. Here are some pictures of my two beauties...gosh these girlz are growing up so fast...

Ready for the big day

My first grader...isnt she beautiful!

Little Lauren...oh she is growing up fast...she is now in pre-k

Showing off their back packs....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Missing tooth

We have been messing around with that thing for a couple weeks now. Tonight it was finally on its last stitch. She had my big mirror out looking at it. I told her to look in the mirror and she could watch me as I pulled it out. With a look of frantic in her eye, she said, will this hurt. I said yeah, but just for a minute. So she made Lauren come over and hold her hand, as I pulled the tooth out. As I pulled it out, she squealed, but only for a second, then the tooth was out and she was SO excited to see it. We cleaned it up and cleaned her up. Wrapped it up, and tucked it underneath her pillow for the tooth fairy.

Lauren was so cute. She was so excited that the tooth fairy was coming, that she told sister " I have to sleep with you!" That Lauren is something else. Anyways, off to bed they went.
Tonight, I got to play tooth fairy, and left some money underneath her pillow. So I am sure she will want to go to the store and spend her money tomorrow!