Monday, June 23, 2008

A whale of a sale

We went to a local nursery here to buy just a few plants for our planters and came home with 6 new trees. 3 pine trees, 2 pear trees, and 2 holly trees. Plus we bought 4 other plants that are evergreens, and 4 things of decorating grass....all for $200.00 bucks....The nursery once a year has a sale, and well we came on the right day! All of this would of cost us over $1000.00. We paid $10 and $20 bucks a piece for the trees. As some of you know, we lost a lot of our tress this winter with the ice storm, so it feels nice to have some again. Here are some before pictures of the two front planters. Once we get it done I will post some after pictures.

All our new tress and plants...look, there are two more in the back of Shawn's truck



Look how well my herbs are doing...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Phat girls can get on the back of a pick up too!

To all my friends who are dieting...

So I know you have all seen the Silhouettes of the hot girls on the back of a pick up truck, well now they have a Silhouette of a fat girl! Shawn and I just cracked up laughing. I could not resist taking a picture of it so I could share it with all my blog friends...where you might ask would I see something like this, well not Wal-mart, but Bass Pro. Hope this makes you all laugh as much as it made me and Shawn..

Kids Day at the Bass Pro Shop

Today they had kids day at Bass Pro.

They had stuff for kids to do. Faith got to rock climb, they were taking the kids finger prints, you could fish in the pond. Also the fire department was there. We got the girls their own fishing pole, then went to try and catch some fish. While we had no luck with getting a fish, what we did catch was a great time! Here are some pics from our day at Bass Pro.

Shawn and Faith waiting to rock climb

Lauren waiting on Faith to rock climb

Faith rock climbing

Faith sitting on the bikers club Harley

Lauren sitting on the Harley

lookin' for the fish

Showing off their new glasses that came with their fishing poles

Faith fishing

Lauren and Daddy trying to get the big one!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today Audrey is 2 months old

Me just being the most adorable baby ever!

My how the time is already flying...Miss Audrey is 2 months old today..and growing so fast. Well if there was ever any concern with nursing, there is no more...look at this baby, does it look like she misses a meal?

This past month she has really started to come alive! Her new thing is her swing...she loves it~And we finally got her to take a bottle, for mommy that is...this week we are going to get dad to give her one. The girls have taken to her so well! Lauren was a tiny bit jealous in the beginning, but no more. She loves Audrey. They both love to kiss her little face. I started patty cake with her and she just puts on the biggest grin, and the girls love it when I do it, and they have even started to play it with her. Faith has learned to hold her! She just thinks that is the best thing. She likes to pick her up...i still have to watch her..I have to remember she is 5 and knows very little about just what babies can do.

Having three has been an adjustment, but not like I thought it would be, but better. I saw my old neighbor the other day and she just had baby number 3 (for those of you who might remember when we moved into our Broken Arrow house our neighbor was expecting and come to find out we had the same due date..I was prego with Lauren...anyways..we were talking and both agreed with 3, its just different..the first you try to be the perfect mom, with the second you are so overwhelmed with having two and trying to met every ones need, especially when they are close in age...then with number 3, they just seem to be more laid back...really what it is, is with number 3, you have learned..they will not break...crying whats that, you mean the noise the baby has nothing to do with the baby, but you as a mom are just more laid back.

So there you have it! Life with three little girls for us has been pretty wonderful. We are so blessed to have 3 healthy, beautiful girls and thank God daily for the gift of being able to be called mom and dad...

Here are some highlights from Audrey's past month...

...just pure beauty...God's grace wrapped up in one little face...

I want my gammie, this thing is just looking at me...

suppose to be tummy time..looks like a great place to catch up on some beauty sleep!

Getting more beauty sleep...I am really into this sleeping thing

I think sleeping is a baby's best friend....

Just chillin in the this is life...

Yummy this thumb is so good...okay not as good as mom...

Milk it does a baby good!

Giving daddy kisses...

Just me...

Monday, June 16, 2008


Hey I took some new pictures of Faith and Lauren...whatcha think?

I think I need to go to PH, picture holics...I just love to take pictures...

Especially of my girls...I want to capture every moment so when they are old we have some thing to look back on and smile.

Any how, the pictures of the girls by themselves are replacing the pictures of them in the living room...those pics were taken acrooss the street at bass pro last year, so it was time for a change!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kitchen Bath

Miss Audrey got her first bath in the kitchen sink. She liked it, although I do think she likes the big tub with the bubbles better! But she liked this too!

I have to admit, that sometimes i just stare at her in amazment...I know this sounds crazy, but I do not feel like I have three is still settling in. I look at her and just fall so in love with know you always wonder if you are going to have enough love to go around? I do not think its love I have to worry about, its time! I am still balancing or trying to balance to make sure each one of them gets all the time they need!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day daddy love your girlz....

I just so happen to be married to the greatest Dad on the planet!

To all the dad's out there, hope you have a great one!!

Chunky Monkey

Miss Audrey is growing so fast...she will be 2 months next week but I betcha she weighs 13 1/5 pounds allready! Here are some cute pictures of her and her chubby little self! She is following in her sisters foot steps...Faith was the big one! At four months she weighed 19lb 14 oz...6 months she weighed 22lb 5 oz at 9 months she was 24 lb 7 oz.....we will see if Audrey out weighs Faith?

Look at the mountain top...i mean belly....gotta love those breast fed babies...they love their milk! I think rich milk runs in the sisters little girl is 7 months and weighs 25lbs!

Would you like a turkey leg?
Chunky Monkey Ice Cream will never be the same!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What Faith and Lauren did this week

As you know, the pool has filled up the dayz so far this summer, but we are doing other things too! On Monday, I took the girls to Purple Glaze, it is a pottery store where the girls can paint an object of their choice. Faith choose to paint a horse, and Lauren a ballet slipper. The girls enjoyed going, especially since their pals Brooklyn and Grant were there...

Also on night they put on a "Show" for us on the was pretty cute. They made up a dance, played music and sang songs...busy little girls, even Audrey got to catch some of the show..