Thursday, February 19, 2009

crazy hair day

Today the girls had crazy dress day. We really had fun with this one. The girls look sill! It was a lot of fun. Here are the pictures from the day!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Iced Inn

Last week we got a winter Ice storm. The bad thing about these storms, is the clean up is so much worse than if we just got snow. Especially the roads. With that said, the girls were home 3 days last week. While they were home, they did get to go sledding down the drive way. They both had a really great time!

We also baked cookies, and even made a special cookie for Dad, that we of course all shared!

We spray painted the ice

This is what I like to call Times Square, this is in our neighborhood

This is a picture of how thick the ice was

This is our one little tree in the front yard

yummo cookies

my little helpers

Faith wiped out

going for another round

trying to pull up Lauren

Faith at the bottom

Lauren at the bottom, Faith watching her go by

Lauren the snow angel

Faith the snow angel

Lauren giggling


Lately I have noticed that i have not been capturing as many pictures of Faith. I recognize this, and will make up for it! Trust me

All I see in this picture in her face is her as a baby. Its the mouth and the checks, Oh I already miss those days!

Here she is again, jumping away on her new toy from Gammie

Messy face

Sister LOVE. Faith love love love loves Audrey! She has turned out to be a great help! Sometimes too much, but she really does spend a lot of time with Audrey!

Cutie pies!

100th day of school

Lauren had to make a poster with 10 groups of 10 things she liked. At school they celebrate the 100th day of school. I made 100 cookies for her class. Faith's class, made a snack, with 10 items, containing 100 pieces of each. Her class had to count out the 100 items. I did not attend either celebration, but both girls came home with smiles on thier faces.

Letting Go

My little Audrey is growing so fast right before my eyes. She is 9 months now, and is trying really hard to walk. The other day she took a few tiny baby steps. She will find anything she can to stand up, and then she lets go, and just stands there, thinking really hard about getting her feet to move. I took some pictures of her and thought I would share them.

This is my big girl! She stood there for almost a minute while a snapped picture after picture!

My little peacock! She is still a blondie, and this picture shows the true color

See her teeth, she has gotten the two top teeth in too!

Holding on to mommy!

Letting go :(

Monday, February 2, 2009

Rockin around the Simmons' Tree

Here are some pictures taken from Christmas

Here are the kids sitting by the tree, getting ready for bed on Christmas Eve

Good Morning Miss Audrey! Bed Head baby on Christmas Day! She is ready to open her presents!

She got a horse! Okay its not real, but she loves it!

Miss Faith posing with one of her presents

Lauren with her new Julie doll!