Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do unto others as You would have done to you!!!

Okay so normally I do not blog about TV, however tonight is different. I just watched Biggest Looser, and was SOOOOO Incredible disappointed. OMG R U Kidding. RON is such a sneak! I am sorry to say this, but I do not see change in him at all. He is a snake!!! And its his snake like attitude that has caused him to get so big, and he will continue like that. Whatever, he has always been about keeping those hear for the "weight". What a load of crap he has been feeding us. If his son wins all I Have to say is that Mike and Ron have to look themselves in the mirror and answer to themselves for what they have done. And if any of you know Jillian, she is all about not allowing things to eat at you. Well they just did the most horrible thing you could do to some one, and dont you think there time is not coming. They may win, but know this, They will never have true peace. They will never be able to say for once in my life I worked hard and won. They cheated and they stepped on people to get to the top. And cheaters never win!!! And lets not forget that Mike has not been able to beat Tara, not even close! If he thinks he has won, he has another thing coming.
Okay now that I have that off my chest.
I promise in the near future, there will be lots of new pictures!!! Really I promise!!