Friday, November 28, 2008

Ruby Red Slippers

Here are some adorable pictures of Audrey that have been lingering around on my camera. Its been awhile since i posted some pictures of her, and the girls. I need to work on taking more pictures of them, I have been slacking in that department!

Turkey day was yummy! I think it was one of the best ever!
I am sure most of you our out shopping today....I am curious to see what all goodies you all found. Due to the move, and the baby, I did not get up early to shop...I am going to try and squeeze some shopping time in this afternoon

Sunday Best...this beautiful dress my mom bought her

Me and the baby

Pretty in pink

My new hat and bow

My new Rubby Red slippers...ever girl should have a red pair of shoes

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Change, change, and more change

So its been awhile since i have blogged, and I have so many new things going on. First things first. This may come to a shock for some of you, but we are moving closer to town. We have actually been in the process for a few weeks now. But officially at the first of the month we will no longer live in Coweta. I could go in to the long drama story but I really do not want to discuss some of it over the blog.
I will be glad to share the details with any of you via email.
On a new note...Miss Audrey got her first tooth last week.
Another note..Shawn has been teaching me Auto-CAD so that I can start helping him. That has been fun yet challenging. Having your husband try to teach you a trade, he has done for 15+ years, is interesting. As some of you know, Shawn is now working just for the Integrated. So far, even with the economy, things have been going very well. Anyways, with him being home all day, makes for even more change around here. As if that was not enough...due to our move, after Christmas, Lauren will be starting school at Victory. Oh boy mama does not want her to grow up. But I know that she is very bored at home. And with having Audrey, my time is spread so thin at home. Lauren is a little nervous, but I really think it will be good for her. Next year she will be in Kindergarten. I just can not believe my baby is growing up! Its funny, with Faith, I never really felt this way, with Lauren I just want to ball her up and keep her small forever! If any of you know how I can do that, please let me know.
Okay so that's all I have for tonight. I think that is enough! I am tried and ready to go to bed. With moving, taking care of Audrey, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, I am just pooped!!!
Hope you and Your Families all have a very Wonderful Thanksgiving!!