Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 5th birthday Lauren

Lauren's birthday was in Feb.

We had what I think was one of the best birthday parties ever. We hired a company called Partea to come and host the party. They were wonderful and the party was awesome.

When the kids first arrived, they did a craft, then they came downstairs and put on all kids of accessory dress up stuff. Then they learned a dance. Then they had a ceremony, where Lauren was crowned a Princess.

Then they had a fancy tea party with fine china and all.

The staff was awesome, very entertaining! All the kids loved it. I did to because I got to enjoy the party. Anyways here are some pictures.

The tea party

The family, minus Audrey with the Princess

The girls all took a bow and then said Happy Birthday Princess Lauren, this is big sister
taking a bow ...very funny will need this some day

Lauren after she was crowned a Princess. They girls all threw petals as she walked to take her seat on the throne

getting all dressed up

These are the older sisters...Sophie, Faith, Maddie

Lauren and Avery dancing

Faith and Loren dancing

Lauren getting ready to learn to dance

69 Years!!!

Happy Anniversary Mama and Papa!

This weekend, Shawn's grandparents are celebrating 69 years of marriage. I wanted to post a picture of the Happy couple, who have been married for an incredible 69 years. They are such an inspiration to us. At our wedding, one of my favorite memories, was them dancing at our wedding. When you looked at them, they danced as if it was their wedding day. The love these two have is so amazing. I made a collage for them of all the kids, grand kids, and great grand kids. I wished I would of taken a picture of it. At the top, I used the quote, All because two people fell in love. And in the frame was pictures of all the family. It was a beautiful site to see all these families were here, because these two fell in love.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

America, we have lost our purpose

Do we really realize just how good we have it. I was talking with a friend of mine today, and she reminded me of something that i know, but have lost sight of.
With today's failing markets all around us, people every where are loosing hope. Why is it that we live in what most call the most amazing country, yet so many of us feel trapped by our surroundings. I love America, I love the pureness and the opportunities that await so many of us. The problem is not failed government, or lost jobs, the problem is people have lost sight of what really matters.
In the end, its not about saving our planet, if you read the end of the book, it burns up! While there are areas that we can improve on, its not our saving grace. Its not about finding a solution to our Government. While we all know, our great US of A has many issues, they are not the real problem.
The real problem is people have lost who the really are. People have lost sight of what our purpose really is.
I always grew up in church, but over the past eight years have grown closer to God than I ever knew was possible. I can never imagine my life without him. I have walked many roads in my life, some I would never ever want to walk again, but am thankful that through them all, I have had a loving God who cared enough for me to send His Son to be my knight and shining armor. I know it’s weird to say that, but it’s true! The love that was shed at Calvary was the most amazing Love one person can give to another, and I hope I spend the rest of my life doing all I can to give that Love to those around me!
So while times may be hard, people are truly hurting, lets remember to give them the one true hope. Its Jesus! If we would rise up and realize the authority, the power and the peace that we can have in Him. No matter what happens, if we have Him, we have something that the world cant give and it cant give it away!
I pray for all of you out there. I pray that you find the peace, the authority and the Power in His word. One thing Americans have been good at, is in times of trouble, we some how find our way back to the Bible. I pray that in your time of hardship, that you find your way back to the savior. And that you remember that what was done on Calvary was done for you!