Thursday, January 13, 2011

Florida Visit 2010 August

Family Trip to Florida in August....These are my peeps and I love them all so much!! My girls love being in Florida and miss them all too!!!

Princess Lauren with Uncle Jesse
The Broadways are here....

Everybodies favorite aunt...aunt BB
Miss Audrey at the Beach....not her first official trip...but the first one she got to enjoy!!!

Can you get any more adorable???

Faith with her Gammie....Fishing!!!
Faith with her Daddy! Lauren and Audrey didnt want to get too close to the fish.....silly girlz

Uncle John and Mason look to be surrounded by women...hope those two know what they are getting into!!
Audrey all smiles in her new car seat! On the loooooooooong trip to Gammies house......

Audrey and Gammie in the the piggie tails.....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My life

Once again time has gone by with no post. I am here to say this trend will probably continue. I am decorating my office and turning my dinning room into a school room. Will post pictures when I am done!! So you will have to check back soon!! Till then, toddles!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Waaaay Toooooo LOoooooNg

Its been a long time since I have blogged, way too long.

Should I go sweet and just hi, or talk about something worth while, post pictures...I don't know, but I do know I am going to try and keep this up.

Somewhere inside of me there is this creative button, that I just can never seem to turn off. I drive down the road, and see something and just immediately begin thinking how I could crop, edit, change, accessories, or change it all together. Then my brain just goes into full throttle speed...

I have been doing what I like to call fine tuning all around the house. One of things I recently did was my mother in law had given me a picture of Shawn's great grandmothers house. It was a photo copy of the canvas. I have not seen the original picture so I am not sure what it looks like. I really liked the picture and hung it under wording that said, Home is where your story begins...

Before picture

Old camera actually made the photo look doesent look this bright and clear, its got a more sepia tone

I loved it there, but I wanted it bigger. I took it to my local photo people, not walmart or Walgreen's, a real developer...and asked them to help just spruce it up a bit, and I wanted to enlarge it. I found a really cool clearance cheep frame at Hobby Lobby!!!

When I came back, much to my amazement, the photo was incredible. I could not believe how much it had changed! I sent a copy of it to my father in law to see what he thought about and was it close to the original. I really love pictures...and think it is way to cool what they can do know with photos.

The New Updated look

The new Wall

While I was planning on this being bible story hour, as I was writing this (see, there goes my brain again) I was reminded in my spirit how we all start off dull and lifeless, but when we become Doers of what the word says, its just like this picture, with a click of a button we are transformed into perfection in the eyes of God....

Happy Monday everyone... family is coming this week, really excited to see my two Broadway babies, and my Mom and Aunt...its going to be a fun weekend around here!


two pictures just because I think this girl is so stinkin adorable:

Blued eye girl

This is just because I love her

Shawns New toy

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Something NEW Happy Birthday Hats

These started out in my mind looking one way, however ended up looking more amazing than I could of imagine!! I love these and think they are so adorable. They can be monogrammed with a number or a letter. These will defiantly be show stoppers at your birthday party!!

I don't know why, but the center embellishment is silver, in the picture it looks brassy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More of my creations

This is our Tiffany collection. Will have more to follow in this line as well.
This tutu is brown with aqua. It will fit most girls from Newborn to age 1. It also has a matching flower bow, and flip flops.

This is from my Hannah Montana Line. I gave the tutu as a present this weekend and I forgot to take a picture of it, but it is black, pink and purple, with diamond accent on top layer of black. The colors are much like the bow!

Please keep checking

Thanks Jen for the shout! If any of you visiting my page are interested just leave me a message. Over the next few weeks, what will be called Customize IT GirlZ will take on a new look. We will be posting more and more of our products as soon as we get the pictures from the photographer. So please keep checking to see what new itmes we have. I promise you, we will help you create those moments that will take every ones breath away! And if you are in the Tulsa area, we will be able to provide you with our cake supplier that we will be in our pictures, as well as photographer and groomers! Yes we will be making items for all you hugable lovable pets!! So please stay tuned!!
Soon to follow is our website!

So my new adventure is.....Under Construction...

I am going to start making custom baby items. Starting with tutu's for little girls. As well as hair bows, flower bows, flip flops, travel wipe box case, and so on. There will be sizes from newborn all the way to girls between 8-10. Anything can be custom ordered. I have some flower bows and flip flops made, as well as 2 more tutus. I will take pics of thos and post them soon. Anywas more to come on this soon! Here are a few of my items. I have been working on making my items so it has kept me pretty busy from doing stuff, like blogging!

Please let me all know wha you think. I really need feedback, good and bad.
Love ya

Audrey Kayann Simmons

So where has time gone? I have been so busy with my new adventure, (i will share more in my next blog). But anyways here are some pictures from Audrey's birthday Party, which turned into birthday/softball party! But it was a lot of fun and the kids really had a great time! Audrey slept for a long time, finally I had to wake her up for cake, so that is why she doesn't look all there!. It was so funny, she was so delicate with her cake. Everyone laughed at how white her clothes were. Wish you all could of been here, it sure was fun and full of wonderful memories!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do unto others as You would have done to you!!!

Okay so normally I do not blog about TV, however tonight is different. I just watched Biggest Looser, and was SOOOOO Incredible disappointed. OMG R U Kidding. RON is such a sneak! I am sorry to say this, but I do not see change in him at all. He is a snake!!! And its his snake like attitude that has caused him to get so big, and he will continue like that. Whatever, he has always been about keeping those hear for the "weight". What a load of crap he has been feeding us. If his son wins all I Have to say is that Mike and Ron have to look themselves in the mirror and answer to themselves for what they have done. And if any of you know Jillian, she is all about not allowing things to eat at you. Well they just did the most horrible thing you could do to some one, and dont you think there time is not coming. They may win, but know this, They will never have true peace. They will never be able to say for once in my life I worked hard and won. They cheated and they stepped on people to get to the top. And cheaters never win!!! And lets not forget that Mike has not been able to beat Tara, not even close! If he thinks he has won, he has another thing coming.
Okay now that I have that off my chest.
I promise in the near future, there will be lots of new pictures!!! Really I promise!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 5th birthday Lauren

Lauren's birthday was in Feb.

We had what I think was one of the best birthday parties ever. We hired a company called Partea to come and host the party. They were wonderful and the party was awesome.

When the kids first arrived, they did a craft, then they came downstairs and put on all kids of accessory dress up stuff. Then they learned a dance. Then they had a ceremony, where Lauren was crowned a Princess.

Then they had a fancy tea party with fine china and all.

The staff was awesome, very entertaining! All the kids loved it. I did to because I got to enjoy the party. Anyways here are some pictures.

The tea party

The family, minus Audrey with the Princess

The girls all took a bow and then said Happy Birthday Princess Lauren, this is big sister
taking a bow ...very funny will need this some day

Lauren after she was crowned a Princess. They girls all threw petals as she walked to take her seat on the throne

getting all dressed up

These are the older sisters...Sophie, Faith, Maddie

Lauren and Avery dancing

Faith and Loren dancing

Lauren getting ready to learn to dance