Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lauren & Shawn make their debt in the Coweta Parade

Lauren and her daddy rode in the Coweta parade. It was so funny. Lets just say, Coweta is an itty bitty place, so the parades around here are "homemade". Faith, Audrey & I watched and lets just say we saw some interesting characters.
As much as I would like to live closer to town, the longer we are here, the more we really like this little town.
We got a new super wally world in March and they had to put up a new stop light, and you know what that stop light made the Coweta paper twice.(The paper that only comes out once a week!!) And since moving here, I have never seen so many tractors. No kidding, it is on a daily basis, that I get stuck behind one coming home! But you know what, I love it! I see these people, and you know what they are the hard working Americans! Anyways this little town is really growing on me!
Okay here are the pictures from the parade

In the background, for those of you that do not know, this is main street USA

Lauren and her daddy doing the parade wave

Smiling for mommy

Okay this is what I mean, only in Coweta, do you see a cow in the parade, isn't this funny?

Lots and lots of tractors in the parade

Happy Birthday Faith

Faith's 6th birthday party was a blast. Really it was a lot of fun. She had her first game that day and she invited her squad to her party, so most of the little girlz came in their cheer uniforms. It started off with dinner. Then we did a craft. Then we played pass the pom-pom (kinda like hot potato) which was really fun. Then we did the pinata, then cake and presents. Then it was good night to all the girls. She really had a good time, and the last picture is of her and her daddy with the one thing she REALLY wanted, a guitar! She loves it. After cheer starts to slow down, we are going to start taking lessons.

Eating dinner with her buddies

Playin' pass the pom-pom, to Hannah Montana of course

Hit it hard, it was a horse pinata

The birthday girl with her hat

Her daddy and her new guitar

Friday, September 12, 2008

Audrey's dress

This Sunday were are having Audrey's baby dedication at church. It is sorta like a baptism, except in our church we don't put water on the babies. Anyways, it is this Sunday. So Thursday I sat out on an adventure to find the perfect dress...and did I ever find it!

The smaller dress is what Audrey wore when she was born. The long one is the new one!

"The Dress"

The front and the cute bow she will wear with it!

close up of the detail on the dress.

a close up of the detail on the sleeve.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Football season is here

Saturday was Faith's first football game!

The girlz did good, the boys got the stew beat out them...I think the final was 30-0 Yeap no typo here, ZERO!

However, the girls had so much fun!

They still have things to work on, but for their first game, it was wonderfuL...

We have a football game from now until the first week in Novemeber!

SO just deal with it, there will be many more pictures of Faith in her cheeleading outfit.

Look at that smile!

Gathering together

Half time show

End of the show

Thearpy + Creative + Paint = New playroom

I recently decided that the girlz play room needed an update. I think because it is therapy to me and due to the recent loss of my father, I was in need of some much needed therapy.
I know some of you hate painting, but I love it. I love seeing just what i can create.

So I started with just wanting to buy a few pictures to hang on the wall. After shopping, I realized, I did not want to spend that kind of money on art work. So I dug down deep and got creative and made some of my own art work. While shopping for new art work, I decided the room needed some new paint to go with the new art...thus creating a new playroom.

I have to admit...I absoultly love it! I love the new color...it just makes the play room seem more

Here are some pictures of all my work...

The New Play Room

My Art Work

Scrapbook letters

These are made out of fabric, ribbon, canvas and a few scrapbook flowers

This is all 3 girlz hands...This is my favorite!!

Its kinda hard to see, but I sewed the flower stems on this one!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Hardest thing

As some of you know, recently, my father passed away. I decided to blog about because I think I am still in shock. I don't think I have really allowed myself to deal with this...I think because there are so many emotions.

For the past several years, my father battled alcoholism. And it finally got the best of him.

As much as he did wrong, he was still my father. I think that I am grieving what will never be, instead of the actual loss of him. If that makes since. I know he is in heaven, and for the first time in his life I truly believe the things that haunted him on this earth, he is finally free of. He spent most of his life running and I am glad he is at peace now!

However it is a hard ball to swallow, knowing how desperately he needed to be saved (from his addictions) and yet for whatever reason, you could not save him. Oh, how we tried. We found every treatment out there you could find, and just when we thought he was going to actually kick it, he wouldn't just back slide, he would fall hard. I remember the time I went to see him in the hospital lying there, hanging on for life...knowing he was dying from self inflicting wounds. Oh it was so hard to watch. I just wanted to shake him real hard and ask him why are you doing this to yourself, why are you doing this to us!! Watching someone slowly kill themselves, leaves you limp less.

My sister called me saying she had not hared from him in a few days, so she thought she should go check on him, and when she did, she found him dead on the floor. She called me, and you know what, I could not even speak.

The hardest thing of it all, was going to the funeral home, to pick up my father's remains in this tiny box. In this box, was a man, who sometimes I felt like I did not even know. Yet, in this box is your daddy, the man who when he was able to kick the habit, had a heart of gold. Yet in this box is a man who when you got scared at camp, drove all the way to pick you up, still you know so little about his life. Yet, in this box is a man who drove you to school everyday, feed you and clothed you, still he feels like a stranger. Ye in this box is a man, who without him my life, and my daughter's life would not exists, still you feel this huge gap. Yet in this box, is a man who took you to church, and with out him, you may not have your eternal salvation, still this man had salvation, but allowed his problems to eat a way at him. Yet in this box, is a man whom you dearly loved and only wanted the best for, but he is a man who would not be saved.

Oh my dearest dad, how I love you, and so wanted our time on this earth to be different...

My sister and I returned his ashes to the ground (river) together, and watching them float away was like a big empty hole in your life float away with him.

So in closing I will say that I wish the beer adds would run an add of the picture that will run in my sisters head for the rest of her life. Instead, all we see in the beer or alcohol commercials, is people who are having the time of their life, and sending a message to you and me, that with out, you can't have a good time.

I say hog wash to them.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Faith, Part 1

Today my little girls is turning six. Amazingly, yet wonderful six years. As I look back in pictures, oh it just melts my heart that she is already turning six. I remember, very well what I was doing today, besides labor, I was breath taken by this little angel that laid in my arms, filled with joy. Looking at her wondering what she would look like what she would be like...and it brings me tears of joy...yet a little of my just wants to pack her up, find a time machine, and take her back to this day. As a mom, I have been so blessed to have this little angel in my life. She has changed me in more ways than one.
I decided to put up some pictures of my little angel, from birth to six, here is where you have come so far...

This is what I was doing six years ago!

This is jelly roll at 5 months...kinda looks like Audrey, ya think?

Looking oh so cute at her first birhday party...Lady Bugs were every!!

I just love this picture...before she met cake

After she met cake...

Off to bed, will post more tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

its time

Okay some of you may have grown up in a proper home, not me...here are some of the women I had to look up to as i grew up...so if any of you wonder why I am the way I am ....here you go..

Faith getting her first lesson...

(from L to R) my mom, my aunt Linda, my aunt Ninni

See, I am telling you, these women have problems...

Catching butterball

What a catch...

This is a typical sister cat fight...the older two fighting while the younger one sneaks away, un harm!!

Sibling rivalry