Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gammie comes to vist

My mom came to met Miss Audrey, and of course to see Faith and Lauren. I told her to pack her energy pills cause these two would keep her on her toes. And they did just that.
We had a wonderful visit. The girls spent every moment with mom, even when she slept, they were right next to her. They so enjoy having her, as do I.
Mom gave Lauren a massage, and she told her...Just the way I like if she gets these all the time..anyways it was so funny! My mom and I laughed the whole week! I even managed to get a rub or two...would of loved to of gotten more...but there is always next time.

We even put her to work. Here are some pictures of her and the girls planting flowers and veggies...

Thanks mom for all your help...we miss you already!