Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Iced Inn

Last week we got a winter Ice storm. The bad thing about these storms, is the clean up is so much worse than if we just got snow. Especially the roads. With that said, the girls were home 3 days last week. While they were home, they did get to go sledding down the drive way. They both had a really great time!

We also baked cookies, and even made a special cookie for Dad, that we of course all shared!

We spray painted the ice

This is what I like to call Times Square, this is in our neighborhood

This is a picture of how thick the ice was

This is our one little tree in the front yard

yummo cookies

my little helpers

Faith wiped out

going for another round

trying to pull up Lauren

Faith at the bottom

Lauren at the bottom, Faith watching her go by

Lauren the snow angel

Faith the snow angel

Lauren giggling


Dawn Hargrove said...

My heart aches, oh how I miss you guys so much! I love ya & hope to see you very soon!