Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 5th birthday Lauren

Lauren's birthday was in Feb.

We had what I think was one of the best birthday parties ever. We hired a company called Partea to come and host the party. They were wonderful and the party was awesome.

When the kids first arrived, they did a craft, then they came downstairs and put on all kids of accessory dress up stuff. Then they learned a dance. Then they had a ceremony, where Lauren was crowned a Princess.

Then they had a fancy tea party with fine china and all.

The staff was awesome, very entertaining! All the kids loved it. I did to because I got to enjoy the party. Anyways here are some pictures.

The tea party

The family, minus Audrey with the Princess

The girls all took a bow and then said Happy Birthday Princess Lauren, this is big sister
taking a bow ...very funny will need this some day

Lauren after she was crowned a Princess. They girls all threw petals as she walked to take her seat on the throne

getting all dressed up

These are the older sisters...Sophie, Faith, Maddie

Lauren and Avery dancing

Faith and Loren dancing

Lauren getting ready to learn to dance