Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Pea in the Pod


So I never said, so much for never said...anyways. I was never thrilled with the idea of having something strapped on to me so I could tote my kid around, until now. I found these cool slings, called hotslings, and I must say I love it and so does she. I found them online and ordered it, but the other day while in Target, I saw that they are now caring the same brand. Anyways, Audrey at first was not having it, then I tried her again in a few weeks, and lets just say the pictures tell it all! She absolutely loves it! In this picture, we were actually going for a walk, the whole family! Anyway, so much for never....
Okay as for the hair...lets just say I know it needs work...and i got it done..yeah! I love the blonde, but it it too high maintenance for this busy mom, so back to brown I went...I will post a picture of me with my new hair soon...I need to take a picture of me on a day I have my hair and my face done at all the same that happens much!