Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fun Summer

That is just what the girls say when we get in the pool...the love it! I have to say, the kid in me is coming out and I find myself wanting to get in just as much as they do! I think if Faith could, she would swim from sun up to sun down! Lauren loves it too, but after a while she is done, let me rephrase that...after a lOOONG while...

Even dad gets in the pool...and he likes it too! The girls love it when he gets in. He picks them up and throws them in the pool...which is there favorite thing to do!

We are all starting to get a little tan...praise the Lord, it is embarrassing to say I am from Florida, yet look like an albino Oklahoman...

My hubby even worked on the yard around the pool. He put some nice stepping stones surround by rock and added some new plants around the patio...yeah! We even got some for looks and two the bugs...

Anyways here are some pics of the family enjoying the pool...Even little Tinkerbell went for a swim. It was so funny...she is fast on the land and sea...

Little Tinkerbell

Swimming doggie

My new can see the stepping stone and rock in the background, also a little bit of the new patio plants

Faith, who is loosing her top

Lauren in her floaty

Faith flying in the air

Lauren flying in the air

Who better to spend your summer with than your best friend...


Dawn Hargrove said...

Wish I was there to enjoy the fun, you know us Hargroves LOVE the pool and the Simmons family, what a wonderful combination, ha!
Love ya

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

okay...that pic of tinkerbell in the water had me cracking up!! She's so tiny anyway...but then all wet...she looks hilarous!!
You guys look like you're enjoying your pool more than we are so far....I just wish the rain would stop and the water (in the pool) would warm up. I just can't get in when its 74 degrees. Shiver me timbers! I need at LEAST 80.
Maybe we should come swim at your house!!