Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Eyes Like Moses

When I took Audrey in for her one month, her DR. was concerned about her eyes crossing a little too much, so off to the specialist we went....

The days between the appointments, we took the word, and stood on it...The bible talks about Moses who had great vision even at an old age..thankful God is not a respecter of persons...if Moses' eyes were strong even at an old age, then so will Audrey's...and the word says that by HIS strips we are we prayed over her and we have just been confessing the word over her...and thanking God she has strong healthy eyes...

....Audrey praising the Lord in her sleep.....

Well today we took her to the Dr and we got a great report. The doctor says her eyes look "wonderful" just where they should be for her age!

Audrey's eyes wonderfully made by God...

(I know the photo is sideways, but it kept uploading this way...if any one knows why please tell me...the photo is not this way in my albums...frustrating...)

The devil has really tried to attack this little girl with all kinds of aliments...and every time...we have stood on the word and seen God work....I do not know the plans for this little girl, but I know who does, and it must be BIG!

In the beginning, the doctor said I was miscarrying, that my levels were too we stood on the word and 2 days letter, the levels more than tripled, then I had a lot of bleeding early on and once again, it was thought I would miscarry...I stood on the word, told the Devil just where he could go, and commanded him to get his hands off my daughter...I used my authority..and every time I would see the blood, I would just praise God that she is strong and healthy in a strong womb...and then the bleeding finally stopped..and I never had another problem....then they said that her left ventricle on her heart was not right, again we stood on the word, and at the next test, everything was wonderful! Now with her eyes, and once again we stood on the word and she is healed! It really moves me to see God at work! I am so thankful to be a child of God and KNOW MY AUTHORITY!

Smiley Baby part B
Here are some more pictures of little Audrey smiling...she is such a happy baby!

Audrey all smiles...this is such a great picture of her!
(Again, I know it is sideways, but I have tried and tried to get it to upload the right way and during upload it keeps turning...UGH!)


Kbroadway said...

What a cutie putie...she is a doll babe!! The pool look like alot of fun, we may have to check into one too...wonder if you can use that salt solution instead of chlorine?
Are you coming to visit? I know gas is crazy right now but honestly, I do think it will change any time is what it is, everything happens for a reason :)
Let me know what you decide!
Love ya ~ KK