Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Audrey Kayann Simmons

So where has time gone? I have been so busy with my new adventure, (i will share more in my next blog). But anyways here are some pictures from Audrey's birthday Party, which turned into birthday/softball party! But it was a lot of fun and the kids really had a great time! Audrey slept for a long time, finally I had to wake her up for cake, so that is why she doesn't look all there!. It was so funny, she was so delicate with her cake. Everyone laughed at how white her clothes were. Wish you all could of been here, it sure was fun and full of wonderful memories!


Jen said...

Those are the cutest pictures EVER! Oh MY Gosh I can't believe I am missing ALL of this! I miss HER!!! Everything in those pics from how you look, to how she is dressed to the cakes is absolutely ADORABLE! Could you be my personal stylist? :)
Good Job Mama!