Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please keep checking

Thanks Jen for the shout! If any of you visiting my page are interested just leave me a message. Over the next few weeks, what will be called Customize IT GirlZ will take on a new look. We will be posting more and more of our products as soon as we get the pictures from the photographer. So please keep checking to see what new itmes we have. I promise you, we will help you create those moments that will take every ones breath away! And if you are in the Tulsa area, we will be able to provide you with our cake supplier that we will be in our pictures, as well as photographer and groomers! Yes we will be making items for all you hugable lovable pets!! So please stay tuned!!
Soon to follow is our website!


Jen said...

When you say "we" there someone else doing this with you? just curious!
ADORABLE stuff!!

Garboden Family said...

Rach~ These are so ADORABLE!!! I want to order somethings for Lydiann....What do I need to do.