Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So my new adventure is.....Under Construction...

I am going to start making custom baby items. Starting with tutu's for little girls. As well as hair bows, flower bows, flip flops, travel wipe box case, and so on. There will be sizes from newborn all the way to girls between 8-10. Anything can be custom ordered. I have some flower bows and flip flops made, as well as 2 more tutus. I will take pics of thos and post them soon. Anywas more to come on this soon! Here are a few of my items. I have been working on making my items so it has kept me pretty busy from doing stuff, like blogging!

Please let me all know wha you think. I really need feedback, good and bad.
Love ya


Jen said...

This is SOOOOOO what you were MEANT to be doing! You always BLOW me away with your skillz but this has taken it to a new level! Those items are GORGEOUS! Just promise to remember me when you become famous! :)
Love you! (and miss you!)