Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thearpy + Creative + Paint = New playroom

I recently decided that the girlz play room needed an update. I think because it is therapy to me and due to the recent loss of my father, I was in need of some much needed therapy.
I know some of you hate painting, but I love it. I love seeing just what i can create.

So I started with just wanting to buy a few pictures to hang on the wall. After shopping, I realized, I did not want to spend that kind of money on art work. So I dug down deep and got creative and made some of my own art work. While shopping for new art work, I decided the room needed some new paint to go with the new art...thus creating a new playroom.

I have to admit...I absoultly love it! I love the new just makes the play room seem more

Here are some pictures of all my work...

The New Play Room

My Art Work

Scrapbook letters

These are made out of fabric, ribbon, canvas and a few scrapbook flowers

This is all 3 girlz hands...This is my favorite!!

Its kinda hard to see, but I sewed the flower stems on this one!


Kbroadway said...

Beautiful as always!! Love the colors:)
Love ~ KK