Friday, September 12, 2008

Audrey's dress

This Sunday were are having Audrey's baby dedication at church. It is sorta like a baptism, except in our church we don't put water on the babies. Anyways, it is this Sunday. So Thursday I sat out on an adventure to find the perfect dress...and did I ever find it!

The smaller dress is what Audrey wore when she was born. The long one is the new one!

"The Dress"

The front and the cute bow she will wear with it!

close up of the detail on the dress.

a close up of the detail on the sleeve.


Amos said...

She looked ADORABLE on Sunday. And her cute little curiosity of Pastor and then the precious smile at him when he was done praying? Priceless!!! What a beautiful family you were on the platform!!!

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

VERY cute dress....but where's the girl? he he I wanna see the "star" in her fancy dress!

Kbroadway said...

I had no idea she was having her baby dedication?? Beautiful dress, let me guess you only paid $10 for it....HA!! Please send me some pictures when you have time.
Love you ~ KK

Dawn said...

LOVE IT! So sad I missed it!