Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Faith

Faith's 6th birthday party was a blast. Really it was a lot of fun. She had her first game that day and she invited her squad to her party, so most of the little girlz came in their cheer uniforms. It started off with dinner. Then we did a craft. Then we played pass the pom-pom (kinda like hot potato) which was really fun. Then we did the pinata, then cake and presents. Then it was good night to all the girls. She really had a good time, and the last picture is of her and her daddy with the one thing she REALLY wanted, a guitar! She loves it. After cheer starts to slow down, we are going to start taking lessons.

Eating dinner with her buddies

Playin' pass the pom-pom, to Hannah Montana of course

Hit it hard, it was a horse pinata

The birthday girl with her hat

Her daddy and her new guitar