Thursday, May 7, 2009

Something NEW Happy Birthday Hats

These started out in my mind looking one way, however ended up looking more amazing than I could of imagine!! I love these and think they are so adorable. They can be monogrammed with a number or a letter. These will defiantly be show stoppers at your birthday party!!

I don't know why, but the center embellishment is silver, in the picture it looks brassy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More of my creations

This is our Tiffany collection. Will have more to follow in this line as well.
This tutu is brown with aqua. It will fit most girls from Newborn to age 1. It also has a matching flower bow, and flip flops.

This is from my Hannah Montana Line. I gave the tutu as a present this weekend and I forgot to take a picture of it, but it is black, pink and purple, with diamond accent on top layer of black. The colors are much like the bow!

Please keep checking

Thanks Jen for the shout! If any of you visiting my page are interested just leave me a message. Over the next few weeks, what will be called Customize IT GirlZ will take on a new look. We will be posting more and more of our products as soon as we get the pictures from the photographer. So please keep checking to see what new itmes we have. I promise you, we will help you create those moments that will take every ones breath away! And if you are in the Tulsa area, we will be able to provide you with our cake supplier that we will be in our pictures, as well as photographer and groomers! Yes we will be making items for all you hugable lovable pets!! So please stay tuned!!
Soon to follow is our website!

So my new adventure is.....Under Construction...

I am going to start making custom baby items. Starting with tutu's for little girls. As well as hair bows, flower bows, flip flops, travel wipe box case, and so on. There will be sizes from newborn all the way to girls between 8-10. Anything can be custom ordered. I have some flower bows and flip flops made, as well as 2 more tutus. I will take pics of thos and post them soon. Anywas more to come on this soon! Here are a few of my items. I have been working on making my items so it has kept me pretty busy from doing stuff, like blogging!

Please let me all know wha you think. I really need feedback, good and bad.
Love ya

Audrey Kayann Simmons

So where has time gone? I have been so busy with my new adventure, (i will share more in my next blog). But anyways here are some pictures from Audrey's birthday Party, which turned into birthday/softball party! But it was a lot of fun and the kids really had a great time! Audrey slept for a long time, finally I had to wake her up for cake, so that is why she doesn't look all there!. It was so funny, she was so delicate with her cake. Everyone laughed at how white her clothes were. Wish you all could of been here, it sure was fun and full of wonderful memories!