Friday, July 4, 2008

Rockets Over Rhema

Rockets Over Rhema, has become a family tradition for us, I think this is our 4th year going...and you know it's funny, every year we have gone with a different group of people...all our friends move away...oh well the joys of being at RBC! With it being so hot and not alot of shade, we opted to arrive late! Audrey is too young for sunscreen, so we have to stay out of the sun. We did have VIP passes though, thanks to Shawn's mom and Danny Piper, so parking was wonderful! With that said we got their just enough time to let the girlz get their face painted and Mr. Bobby and BB went to look at the old cars...then we went back to the car to set up our chairs and listen to Mark Harris and watch the fireworks. Oh my, what a fantastic fireworks display. The end was amazing..way to go Rhema!

Anyways here are some of our pictures from this year...

Daddy with his girlz

Two of my favorite little people, waiting in line to get face painting

Mommy and daddy

Showing off their faces

This is what Audrey did...most of the time

The girlz with BB and Mr. Bobby

Playing duck duck goose with daddy

Lauren is the

Dad taking a rest


M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

It looks like ya'll had lots of fun! I LOVE that sweet experession on Lauren's face in that 2nd pic! And Audrey...I can tell---she misses me! ha ha ha (well, maybe it's ME doing the missing!)
Faith looks so grown up. It's hard to believe she's still so little but yet...the BIG sister! You certainly do have some of the cutest girls I've ever met!!