Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things I love

I love my girlz and love taking pictures of them, and being creative with those pictures. Here are some pictures I have taken lately of the girlz...

A quick pose of Lauren with the flower

So this really deserves a post of its own...What you see her holding, is a guitar she made...all by herself. She came up with the idea, made it and then we saw it. She told me when she would pull out a rubber band it would make sound, so she figured if she put them on a box, it would make even more sound...she was right! As a mom, I just think this is totally amazing that my little 5 year old's brain can come up with this. Her birthday is just around the corner, so we will be getting her a real pink guitar. I already found one online!! She loves music. She has been going around the house with this box playing it and making up is just so precious. She is shy when I get the video out, but I am going to try real hard to get a video of her playing the guitar and singing.

Another picture of Miss LuLu Belle, as we call her

Over the shoulder

Audrey's first pedicure...thanks to Aunt Kk, we got some cute new pink polish....but I am sad to say, they pink polish had a head on collision with a five year old's hand and the tile floor, so it is no longer with us, but luckily we have a picture of it!

Audrey just looks so darn cute!

Big smile

Blue eyed beauty

This is simply adorable...the close up

the full view

Faith at cheer camp

Learning the motions

stiking the pose

sweet little face

holdin' her head up high


M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

Gorgeous! Just aboslutely gorgeous! You are SO talented...but have GREAT subjects to work with! :o)

OH, I just wanna come squeeze her and kiss those cheeks!!

BTW, I noticed you at Subway--you're looking good! Have you been losing weight?