Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Audreys room

A friend of mine is expecting a baby. We ere talking on the phone yesterday and I told her I would send her some pictures of Audrey's room. Well I just realized that I never posted any on my blog. If any of you wanted to see what her room looks like, here it is.

I have to say, by far this is my favorite room I have done. The green stripe around the room is ribbon, put up with scrapbook minky dot glue. Painting the circles, well lets just say I am so glad to be done with those. They took a lot of work. Then I made about 30 bows, and just hot glued them to the ribbon.

I found her furniture at a baby boutique here in town. They offered to sell it to me at a discounted price if I would take the floor model. Of course I will. I am really really happy with her furniture.

Check back later. I am changing some things around in Faith's room and we are painting!! Will post a blog when I get done.

Her bed

Her dresser/changing table

A close up of the bows, dots and ribbon

A close up of the bows

The detail on her crib and her dresser

This picture shows the colors more true to what they are


Teresa said...

(Logziella is me old blog.) :)

Her room is AdOrAbLe!! You are very talented!!