Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cotton Eye Joe

Lauren is taking ballet/jazz lessons at South Tulsa Dance Co. I have to brag a little here. This is a wonderful studio. It is decorated too cute inside, is clean and very modern. They have like 4 studios. They have video cameras recording the classes, that are displayed on nice flat screens out side the class so you can see. Anyways it is really a nice place!

This week the parents were invited to join in the class the last 30 minutes to see the girlz progress. The girls were so cute. The jazz song they are dancing to is the cotton eye joe. It is absolutely darling. If i can figure out the video thing, I will post a video of them dancing. Lauren seems to really like the jazz.

The ballerina

Lauren and I know no make hair has been having issues..which has just made me feel all ends tomorrow. I am seeing my hair girls at 8:30 in the am!!!

She is growing up so fast...last night I crawled in bed with her just to snuggle!


Jen said...

okay first of the new top pic and background! Gorgeous!

As for Lauren dancing...that is just adorable! I love the pic of her from the back with her arms up! She is standing so tall and straight and looks like she's been doing it her whole life!

and Faith...gee willikers...when did she get so grown up? I'm hoping it's just the pictures and that she really hasn't changed THAT much since we hung out last. She looks beautiful. What a glow about her!

and you..AMEN SISTA.. I am getting my hair done today at noon and I CANNOT wait. The gray is about to blow my cover that I'm only 21!! ha ha ha